Life with adult gorilla

Nolo Design Conscious Cartoons chronicle the daily adventures of Adult Gorilla and TV-Girl.

Faced with the big questions of life, the series presents an innocent open-minded very human gender neutral philosophical approach to life, where all are encouraged to make their own decisions. Each of the playful cartoons warmly wrestles with wisdom, sign-posting steps toward inner peace, toward a more conscious life.

While some will be drawn to the images and colours of the naivist cards, others will be drawn to the deeper reflections of the personages. Nolo Design Conscious Cartoons teach the wisdom of letting go, of living in the present moment. Of loving life.

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Life with Adult Gorilla Conscious Cartoons

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Nora Fleming

Nora is half-Finnish half-Canadian.

Before her eyes beheld the moon on high, Nora’s hand first traced out its form.

Her hand draws out the tastes, the smells, the sounds of stories still yet to be worded.

From thoughts she draws up worlds still yet to be seen.

Lola Stalenhoef

Lola is half-Dutch half-Spanish.

For every thought Lola adds a melody of colours.

Her melodies hold every thought in place. Thoughts that glisten with her medley of colours.

Branding is her melody, a medley of melodious bright colours.

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